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This is not your father’s salvage yard – how you save $$$:

Brake Repair Services
Shopping for parts at Buddy’s U-Pull A-Part is easy! Start by searching our online inventory to find the vehicle(s) you’re looking for. Our helpful customer service team will provide you with a map of the facility so you can quickly find the vehicles you are interested in. They can also check our computerized Parts Interchange System to show you alternative vehicles that have the same exact parts you need. Next, you’ll go into the yard, find the vehicle with the parts you need and pull the parts yourself! All of our vehicles are set on customized supports to raise them off the ground to ensure easy and safe access for you to pull your parts. We also provide free use of wheelbarrows and engine hoists. When finished, you take your parts to the cashier and pay according to our customer-friendly parts pricing system found at the customer check in.

At any given time, Buddy’s has approximately 2000 cars and trucks to choose from so chances are we have the parts you need! Our pricing model is designed to offer our customers savings of up to 80% compared to off the shelf original equipment parts. We also have frequent sales and specials that offer you even greater savings. In addition, we stand behind all our parts with a Hassle Free 30 Day Guarantee – if the part doesn’t work, goes bad or is the wrong size within the first 30 days of purchase, you can exchange it for another part. Excluding used tires which are sold as is.

We also have free wi-fi in our spacious waiting room and free refreshments for our customers – all in our climate controlled main office.

Some things to remember when coming to Buddy’s U-Pull A-Part:

We do not allow jacks or cutting torches in our yard.

This is an outside industrial environment so dress accordingly we recommend sturdy footwear and gloves.

Before pulling your own parts, it may be to your best interest to pull the defective part off of your car first. Not only will this give you an indication of what tools you will need to pull your replacement part, but also you can bring your existing part with you for comparison and or core if needed.

Most of our new inventory will be photographed and placed on Facebook when it is inventoried into our system. So even though you may not find the vehicle you’re looking for at first, you may look at the new inventory posted usually at weekly intervals online.

Please note that our Hassle Free Guarantee is not a cash refund. Cash refunds will only be given for core returns. No cash will be given for returned parts. Parts will gladly be exchanged or be issued store credit for the amount of purchase. This store credit is valid for one year, and excludes used tires.

You have 30 (thirty) days from purchase to bring your parts or cores back for exchange, store credit, or core refund.

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